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3 things Candy wants you to know about shopping for the perfect gift!

Meet the GoToBonBon founder and learn the “why” behind this unique online gift shop!

Welcome to GoToBonBon, your online destination for unique finds you and your loved ones will adore!

What is GoToBonBon exactly?

GoToBonBon is a unique online gift shop with quirky finds your friends and family will keep inquiring about for months to come. You might land in our gift shop to purchase a gift for others, but we are sure you will also add something for yourself! You will not be able to resist.

Goodbye lame gifts! Hello original finds!

Who is the person behind the concept for this original online gift shop?

Meet Candy Grana!

Candy has travelled extensively throughout her life and collected original items from all over the globe. As her collection grew Candy realized she needed to share her passion for limited edition finds with others.

GoToBonBon was originally launched in October 2019, but as demand grew Candy decided to take advantage of the downtime during the COVID-19 crisis to revise, redesign and relaunch the online gift shop’s website! In fact, it is just like Candy to see the positive side of things and embrace this opportunity to be able to offer additional, exclusive items to her beloved customers.

Her travel and work experience have allowed Candy to develop immense knowledge of high-quality products and international brands. Over the years, this knowledge extended to a “significant appreciation”, and friends and family began to ask Candy to shop for them thanks to her keen eye for quality and originality. She sure could not keep all this enviable talent to herself.

What an opportunity!

She was finally able to find THE outlet where she would be able to share the dream she had had for so long: the GoToBonBon online gift shop!

Candy adds, “I am so proud and excited to launch an online gift shop of my favorite things. I am honored to have you discover and hopefully share in my passion. I want this site to be your travelogue, your moment of indulgence and pampering, to gift yourself, your family, your friends with GoToBonBon’s perfect gifts!”

Oh yes… and she also wants you to know this…

3 things Candy wants you to know when searching for the perfect gift:

  1. Shop quality – it says you care and that you have looked long and hard for a gift (we make it easy at GoToBonBon!)
  2. Shop for character, only in this way will your gift be really appreciated.
  3. Shop often, it puts everyone in a good mood; she who buys and she who receives!

Here you will find fun and special gift ideas for everyone, all handpicked by Candy during extensive travel organized for exactly this purpose. By purchasing from the GoToBonBon online gift shop you will not only buy quality, you will buy an experience, an item with a story and feel good product you will cherish!

You can shop by category, by occasion, or by gender, we want your online experience to be quick and seamless.

All items are limited in stock and that is just the way Candy wants it to be! New items will be introduced on a regular basis so keep checking the online gift shop for weekly updates and special offers.

Take part in and share the GoToBonBon experience!