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About Us & GoToBonBon

Welcome to what has been my dream for so many years. I have been privileged to have traveled extensively, firstly, at the age of 5, when I left with my family San Nicandro Garganico in Italy to come to Montreal, Canada. Since then, travel has been a part of my life especially professional and I have developed an immense knowledge of products and brands. That knowledge has extended to a "significant appreciation"… yes, read “shopped” for many different items that my family and friends often ask me “where did you get that?!”. 

I am so proud and excited to launch my own online gift shop of my favorite things. I’m honored to have you discover and hopefully buy my “finds”. I want this site to be your travelogue, your moment of indulgence and pampering, to gift yourself, your family, your friends with GoToBonBon’s perfect gifts!

The items are fun, quirky, needed and some are simply “Why Not!”.  We are all deserving of feeling good, happy and satisfied. Sometimes all of those great feeling can be found in interesting items that bring back memories or help to create new one. 

You have my heartfelt thanks for all of your support and especially your confidence – it means the world to me.

Have a BonBon Day!

Candy G.

Need to Know

Each item is limited in stock.

Thank you for your support as I learn more about your likes and dislikes and I'll prepare my inventory accordingly. 

Good news, not so good news. I'm not charging any taxes at this time, but when the time becomes necessary to introduce them, it'll mean GoToBonBon has exceed all my expectations. I love you all for that!

Also, if you want to pick-up the larger items (I’m in Montreal), send us an email at and we'll see what we can do about it.

I’ll be introducing new items all the time; so visit often and shop often!